Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by our clients. Please read carefully below.

If you have other questions or should you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We accept custom orders including custom rent and custom buy with no minimum quantity for all product categories, except for:
  • Jewelry Collection, including Simulated Diamond Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, and Jade Jewelry (no minimum quantity, custom buy only)
  • Bridesmaids Collection (custom not available)
  • Special collections: Fleur by NOMA®, Lucid Diamond (custom buy only)
*Additional fees may apply for custom orders. Click here to view our custom process.
Our collections are available for both rental and purchase, except for the following collections which are available for purchase only due to their highly specific or fragile nature/for hygienic purposes:
  • Bridesmaids Collection
  • Special collections: Fleur by NOMA®, Lucid Diamond
  • Shoes Accessories & Jewelry Collection
  • Masks
  • Website
  • Please visit our Rental page to book directly via website. Select the date range starting from the date of shipping until the date the items arrive back at our store. Our standard rental period is one week (counted from the moment the items are shipped until the items are received back).
  • Store
  • If you want to try the items, you can make an appointment to visit our store. We have an in-house stylist to help you pick the perfect accessories. Our team will help you book the items you want.
  • Whatsapp
  • Chat us on Whatsapp if you need any help booking.
*Rent is available for Indonesia area only.
  • Self pick-up at and drop-off to our showroom in West Jakarta
  • Online transportation (ordered by client)
  • Delivery by other logistic partner (TIKI ONS or TDS) is only for clients outside Jakarta & Tangerang area. Item(s) must be insured according to total invoice value and properly packed.
Please note that client is fully responsible for any damage to the products and packaging (box) during delivery and return.
  • In case of late returns that affect the next rental schedule, the client will be charged twice the amount of the product’s rent price.
  • If the product is returned in a poor condition beyond normal wear-and-tear process (e.g. very dirty, hairsprayed, etc.), the client will be charged cleaning fee in the amount of IDR 100k per item.
  • In case of repairable damages, the client will be charged repair cost maximum equal to the product’s buy price.
  • In case of non-repairable or irreversible damages or loss, the client will be charged the full amount of the product’s buy price and allowed to keep the item.
Our collection is allowed to be borrowed for make up trial *subject to availability and our discretion* with the following rules:
  • Only for NOMA® clients
  • Trial on Monday-Thursday only
  • Valid for trial in Jakarta and Tangerang area
  • DP 50% (non-refundable) per category
  • Maximum 2 items allowed per category/ per DP (e.g. 2 morning hairpieces, 2 crowns, 2 earrings, etc.)
  • Pick up and return on the same day
  • Pick up and delivery are by instant service (no same day service allowed)
  • The purpose of the trial is to match the accessories to your wedding make up and hairstyle, not for trying around. If you wish to try our accessories, please visit our showroom.
  • The item(s) borrowed are only allowed to be used for make up trial, not pre-wedding/ photoshoot/ event/ etc.
  • Violation of policy will result in full charge of the item price
  • All costs associated including shipping (delivery and return) are to be incurred by client
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