“Making Dreams Come True, One Wedding at a Time.”

CEO & Founder of NOMA®

Our Story

NOMA® is a premium jewelry and accessories brand with focus on delivering the highest quality of bespoke jewelry and accessories. Our head designer has always been in love with pretty little things and has always had an eye for beauty, which is why she chose to pursue jewelry and accessories making as her dream job. Accessories are not exactly essential in the most utilitarian definition, yet are something that can make all the difference—it’s the icing on top, that extra zest, the finishing touch, and the fairy dust to bring your fairy tale dream alive. Though small and often forgotten, its presence can take an otherwise ordinary look to a whole new level. Like the old sayings said, “It’s the small things that matter.” It is a symbol of beauty and status, subtly and elegantly announcing to the world that its bearer is the crème de la crème of society. Our journey began in mid 2018 when we initially started accepting custom orders of hairpieces made from plated copper wire. Since then, we have expanded our product portfolio. We are proud to be the pioneer and trendsetter of various jewelry and accessories trends in Indonesia, in addition to having the most complete selection and variation in terms of number of products, designs, styles, materials, and techniques, staying true to our commitment of never stop learning, so we could always create better products and serve our customers better.
Our promise of being different begins by only using the best quality of materials for our products. In addition to that, we spend a great deal of effort in R&D to always innovate and improve our products. We guarantee the quality of our craftsmanships as all of our products undergo through a rigorous QC process before finally being available to our clients.
Wedding planning is a stressful time which is why we aim to take that stress away. Our helpful staff will help you choose the best and most suitable accessories for you while making the process as fun and enjoyable as possible, so you can spend less time worrying about unnecessary details and focus more on enjoying your big day.
No two brides are the same, and everyone dreams a different dream. We offer custom made jewelry and accessories, carefully tailored to perfectly match your taste, personality, and look–because we know you are special.
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