天仙配 - 董永遇青衣仙女

The Story of Dong Yong and The Cyan Fairy
天上的玉帝有七位女儿,七仙女,每个都穿不同的衣色—红衣仙女、青衣仙女、素衣仙女、皂衣仙女、紫衣仙女、黄衣仙女、绿衣仙女。二女儿,青衣仙女,最好奇的女儿,决定下凡去一趟凡间。 The Jade Emperor of Heaven had seven daughters, each of whom wore different colors of clothing—red, cyan, white, black, purple, yellow, and green. One day, the second daughter, being the most curious one of all seven—the cyan-clothed fairy—decided to go down to visit the mortal world.

因此,在一个宁静的早晨,黎明时分,她到达了,优雅地降落在附近的池塘上。池塘很平静,水是美丽的青色,就像她的裙子一样,满是锦鲤。她的美貌和气味吸引了锦鲤,锦鲤们和谐地游来游去,跟着她走到哪里。 Hence, one serene morning at dawn, she arrived, landing gracefully on a nearby pond. The pond was calm, its water was of beautiful cyan color, just like her dress, and was brimming with koi carps. Her beauty and scent attracted the fish, which swam around in harmony, following her everywhere she went.

池塘的另一边,渔民董永正安安静静地过日子。 他虽然朴实天真,但他是个诚实善良的人。 他过着简单、安静的生活,对世俗的财产毫无兴趣。
On the other side of the pond, a fisherman, Dong Yong, was enjoying his day in peace. Though unsophisticated and naive, he was an honest man with a good heart. He lived a simple, quiet life, and was uninterested in earthly possessions.

他每隔一天去钓鱼一次。然而,今天的情况有所不同。 在竹筏上漂流的时候,董永发现了不寻常的事情:池塘里似乎没有鱼了。 在剩下的极少数锦鲤中,大多数都在向池塘的东端游去,除了一只正在向东蠕动并摇动鳍,好像想引起他的注意并告诉他在与其他鱼一起游走之前向东走。好奇,董永跟着这鱼去哪里。
He went fishing every other day. However, it was different today. As he drifted around on his bamboo raft, Dong Yong noticed something out of the ordinary. It seemed like the pond was devoid of fish. Of the very few koi left, most were swimming towards the east end of the pond, except for one which was wriggling and wagging its fins eastward, as if trying to catch his attention and telling him to go east before swimming away with the other fish. Intrigued, he followed where the fish went.

他听到了奇怪的声音,决定躲在一棵老树干后面。 当他看到一个美丽的少女沐浴在千条锦鲤的身边时,他的心几乎要跳出来了。 裙子的腰带被水流卷走,董永追了上去。 He heard a strange noise and decided to hide behind an old trunk of tree. His heart almost jumped out of his chest when he saw a beautiful maiden bathing, surrounded by a thousand koi carps. The belt of her dress was carried away by the current, to which Dong Yong chased after.

成功将她的腰带取回,董永缓缓走近仙子将其归还,而在他交出腰带的同时,两人的手不小心碰触到了。 他们立刻坠入爱河,仙子决定留在人间,取名美林,意为美丽的玉林。 Successfully retrieving her belt, Dong Yong slowly approached the fairy to return it, and as he handed over the belt, their hands accidentally touched. They immediately fell in love, and the fairy decided to stay on earth, going by the name of Mei Lin—meaning beautiful jade forest.
大婚之日,他们在槐树下发誓永不分离。 董勇将之前追随的那条锦鲤作为结婚礼物送给了美琳,结果竟然是一条神奇的锦鲤。 神奇的锦鲤有能力赋予它的主人长寿和不朽。 美琳欣喜地随身携带,当发簪佩戴。 On their wedding day, as they swore their oath to never part under the locust tree, Dong Yong gave the koi he followed before to Mei Lin as a wedding gift, which turned out to be a magical koi. The magical koi had the ability to grant longevity and immortality to its owners. Mei Lin delightfully carried it around with her, wearing it as her hairpin.

时至今日,锦鲤仍跟随着美琳所到之处,与董勇一起过着幸福的生活,拥有永恒的美丽和永恒的爱。 To this day, koi carps still follow wherever she goes as she leads a happy life together with Dong Yong, blessed with ageless beauty and eternal love.



Special Thanks to

Dress Designer: Melta Tan
Suit Designer: Agus Lim
Photographer: Artty Photo
Videographer: Meira Pictures
Make Up Artist & Hair Styling: Sheren
Decoration: Eve Floristry

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