ECDYSIS is a delicate dance of shedding the old and embracing the new. It’s a process where a creature sheds its old skin and emerges anew, which is a symbol of rebirth and transformation.

In the midst of ecdysis, the creature is vulnerable yet also empowered, shedding its old self and stepping into a new phase of life.

As women these days, especially bride-to-be’s, we are often faced by a stigma of beauty standards defined by society. We have to be slim, tall, fair and having a flawless skin in order to be able to fit into the beauty standards ‘template’ set by the society—and frankly, it makes most of us feel insecure and lose confidence towards ourselves.

Through “ECDYSIS” we want to show to all beautiful women out there that it’s okay to not be perfect and embrace all your flaws as those are what make us beautiful and unique in our own way.

“ECDYSIS” is a reminder that growth and transformation can be uncomfortable, but ultimately lead to a more beautiful and vibrant existence.

Our Uniquely Beautiful Muses


Acne Problem









Dark Skin




Fashion Designer

The Ivy Atelier custom designs wedding gowns for modern brides of all sizes. We offer customizable gowns & bespoke dresses to ensure that no bride has to compromise how she looks on her wedding day.

We choose and make every fabric based on each customer’s style & personal preferences. The majority of our collections are processed from inspirations which are combined into one unique and elegant piece—all using fine quality materials. Each gown is uniquely created, exclusively handcrafted & truly a piece of luxury.


Jewelry & Accessories

NOMA is a jewelry and accessories brand, focusing on high quality materials & craftsmanship, committed to providing the most complete product collection while promising the best quality for the price, amazing customer service, and always being a pioneer & trendsetter.

To tailor each woman’s unique style and personality, NOMA also provides bespoke (custom made) service in addition to ready stock collection.



“A memory to cherish.”
Even though we can’t recall the specific days, we can always recall the moments.

The Bride’s Journal was founded with the intention of realizing the dream for every couple out there, and it has evolved into our primary goal.

It was also established to widen the scope and enter the wedding business after three years of working as a fashion stylist in order to liven up and embellish one of the most important days of your life.

This idea continues to be brought as our spirit. It is known for its artistic ability to make fairy tales come real, and We will be happy to support you along the way until your dream comes true. Allow us to be a part of your journey; we’ll cherish every moment with you as the greatest cause to rejoice. Everything happens for a reason.


Photo & Video

Founded in 2014, Kairos Works has been capturing love and happiness all over the world.

Since its first day, Kairos Works has been working relentlessly to provide professional photography and video services. Focusing on the principles of Service Excellence, we mark our presence in the wedding industry one client at a time.

Together we stand as a family, we set our eyes towards our Mission, to help people appreciate moments in life.


Styling: The Bride’s Journal
Photo & Video: Kairos Works
Make Up: MissLouLou
Hair Styling: Atie Hairdo
Shoes: Cava Prive
Nail Art: Luxora


Organizer: Weddingku
Photo & Video: Kairos Works
Shoes: Cava Prive
Skin Clinic: Youthology Beauty Clinic
Make Up: Hendry Than, Wendra Tham, SV IDN, Claudiasmakeup, MissLouLou, Yobel MUA
Hair Styling: Ririe Hairdo, Kezia Vanny, SV IDN
Entertainment: Hanny & Co
MC: David Manalu
Singer: Maria Calista

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